The leader of Moonclan, She started out as Moonkit one of the unknown kits of Mistystar. She got lost during the trip to the clan's new home. She later became a apprentice despite not having to proper ceremony Moonpaw then set out to find Riverclan She never found Riverclan even though the lake was only a few miles away! Then she became Moonheart She met Leaftail who was a lost kit from Shadowclan She gave birth to Yarrowkit Creamkit and Nightkit. She found the Moonpool In a dream her grandmother Bluestar Said she was destined to be the leader of Moonclan. Her Uncle Stonefur Her Aunt Mosskit, Her grandmother Bluestar her grandfather Oakheart Her great-grandmother Moonflower Her great-grandpa Stonepelt Her Brother Smallkit Her sister Cherrykit Her Friend Sweetkit and Her first love Brighttail All gave her 9 lives. Her kits grew into fine warriors Nightkit grew into Nightpaw Later into Nightflower Who became deputy.

Yarrowkit Grew into Yarrowpaw Into Yarrowfoot. Creamkit became a warrior Creamheart She had her kits. Moonclan is still growing! Join on the Moonclan Page!

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