Moonkit looked out of the comfy nursery She sighed Moonkit always wanted to go out of the nursery but her mom Mistyfoot would not let her. She looked at her mom She pleaded "Mom, please let me go out of the nursery please!" Mistyfoot said "Ok but only if you have a guide" Moonkit woke up her siblings Smallkit and Cherrykit. Moonkit ran right out of the nursery. All the new scents filling her tiny pink nose. She looked at young apprentice practicing battle moves She went to watch She got bored and went near the river. She really wanted to go for a swim but She was too small to swim In the river. She decided to look at the med cat's den. She said "Hi Mudfur!'. Mudfur looked at her he said in a gruff voice "What are you doing out of the nursery?". Moonkit said "Mistyfoot let me go out!". Moonkit Bounced out of the Med cats den. She thought to herself "i have a perfect life nothing could ruin it" But she was wrong.

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