Moonkit was now big enough to swim in the river. She looked at the shining blue water. She thought to herself "Wow i wanna go in but its deep" But she jumped in She swam through the water Cherrykit and Smallkit Jumped in as well. They swam in the shallows. Moonkit saw a sliver flash in the river. She jammed her paw into the river. She caught the fish! She ran to the nursery with the fish in her jaws. She yelled "Mom! I caught a fish!. Mistyfoot said "Congrats on your first catch!". Moonkit ran back to the river. She swam, caught some more fish, even found a few interesting rocks! She was tired. She simply yawned. Then later in the night she heard Mistyfoot say "Foxdung! Those two-legs are tearing up our camp!". Moonkit woke up to a putrid smell. Monsters were tearing up the river clan camp. She ran with the other cats to a safe place. She fell asleep. Later she found herself with not only riverclan but all the other clans too!. She said to mistyfoot"Why are we leaving?". Mistyfoot replied "two-legs the- then A current swept Moonkit down the mountain all was lost everything went black.
Moonkit drown

Moonkit was washed in the powerfull waves